1980 born in Kyoto JAPAN
1999-2003 study at "Jiyu-Gakuen collage" in Tokyo
2003-2004 study the photography at "Speos-Paris photographic institute" in Paris FRANCE meet Paolo Roversi through the school and influenced by his photography
2005-2008 work at Studio FOBOS in Tokyo
2008-2009 work as a photographer assistant
2009- start his career as a photographer

1980 京都生まれ
2003 自由学園最高学部卒業
2003 渡仏
2004 Speos-Paris photographic institute卒業
在学中からPaolo Roversi 氏に学ぶ
2005-2008 帰国後Studio FOBOS勤務
2008-2009 アシスタントを経て独立